“When the archer misses the center of the target, he turns around and seeks for the cause of his failure in himself.”

Our athletics program focuses on sportsmanship and the school’s core virtues. We will consider adding new sports by weighing student interest, the number of potential participants, the school’s general capacity to support new sports and teams, and the likelihood of a sport’s longevity in the culture of the school. If a student is interested in a sport that we do not offer, they are eligible to participate through their assigned public school.

Middle School

Middle School Boys Basketball
Middle School Boys Cross Country
Middle School Boys Golf
Middle School Boys Soccer
Middle School Boys Track & Field

Middle School Girls Basketball
Middle School Girls Cross Country
Middle School Girls Golf
Middle School Girls Soccer
Middle School Girls Track & Field
Middle School Girls Volleyball

High School

High School Boys Basketball
High School Boys Cross Country
High School Boys Track & Field

High School Girls Basketball
High School Girls Cross Country
High School Girls Soccer
High School Girls Track & Field
High School Girls Volleyball

NASP Archery for both genders, grades 4 and above



Middle School State Champion NASP Archery 2024

Middle School Girls Basketball 2022

Middle School Girls Track & Field 2023

Middle School Girls Volleyball 2024

Middle School Boys Basketball Runner-Up 2023


Contact Info


Our Athletic Director, Mr. Rump, may be reached by email at