As a school community, what do we want to look like in ten years?

We want to be a school full of joyful learners and masterful teachers which has a positive impact among our families and in our community.

We invite you to partner with us as we pursue this ten year goal. Would you consider joining our Three Pillars Giving Campaign by pledging $25 per student a month? Whatever amount you are willing and able to give, your continued support will greatly benefit our students, faculty and community.

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We invite you to watch the video below from our Headmaster, Trent Kramer, in which he shares our ten year vision for Ascent Classical Academy of Northern Colorado.


Our Three Pillars

1. Develop Joyful Learners.

We believe that a Classical Education is an excellent education for every student. A good classical education focuses on academics, athletics, and the arts. Its aim is to develop the moral and intellectual skills, habits, and virtues upon which independent, responsible, and joyful lives are built. This is first and practically done by removing any financial barriers that could stand in the way of attending Ascent. Your donation will help us provide uniforms, lunches, and more to families in need. Developing joyful learners also requires building up our athletic, fine arts, and student life programs. While rigorous academic pursuits are central, a robust student life is critical to developing joyful learners.

2. Develop Masterful Teachers.

We believe that a school’s true strength lies in the caliber of its teachers.  Exceptional teachers create an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm, fostering a love for learning among our students. We aim to create a culture of continuous learning. With your support, we can offer ongoing professional development opportunities, workshops, and conferences, which will continue to train our teachers in classical pedagogy.  Additionally, your contribution will help us provide competitive salaries and benefits to retain our exceptional educators, ensuring stability and continuity in the learning experience for our students. We are dedicated to nurturing a learning environment that thrives on the mastery, commitment and passion of our teachers.  Your support will play a pivotal role in enhancing teacher retention through comprehensive training programs and competitive compensation.

3. Develop Family and Community Relationships.

Our desire is to partner with parents in the education of their children. Increasing parent education and engagement will help us support our families as we pursue the true, good, and beautiful together. Additionally, as a school that focuses on civic virtue, we desire to expand our impact in the community. Building strong connections with parents and the community requires consistent effort and open communication. By investing in these relationships, Ascent Classical Academy of Northern Colorado can indeed have a lasting and positive impact on the lives of families and the broader community.