Wonder: The Greatest of Virtues

Our dedication to Wonder is one of Ascent Classical Academy’s distinct characteristics.

We aim to preserve a love of learning that will last a lifetime. We all know the joy a child experiences when acquiring a new skill or learning a new song. We see in them what we know is true: learning is delightful! Being filled with wonder at the beautiful world we live in is exhilarating.

Our desire is that wonder guides your student’s educational journey. We intentionally build our school culture to support this love and joy of learning by hiring teachers who are not just content experts, but who nurture your child’s sense of wonder. Our staff care for the well-being and development of our students as complete human beings, taking time to speak to the heart as well as to the mind. We allow them the space and time in the classroom to wonder at all that is good and beautiful in the world. As they question, “wonder”, and make these connections, their education becomes their own. By cultivating a sense of wonder and inspiring our students to love learning, Ascent’s education prepares your child to be truly happy and fulfilled.